FMI Conference – Presentations Now Available

Flow Measurement Institute Conference
11th July 2017, Coventry University, UK

The third Flow Measurement Institute Conference was hosted by Coventry University (UK) on the 11th July 2017.

A number of the speakers  agreed to share their presentations – these are available below.

Plenary Flow Measurement – Andrew Hunt Coventry University

Better understanding towards better compatibility – Liyun Lao Cranfield University

Study of the effects of geometrical features on flow patterns in a multiphase Venturi flowmeter – Patrick G. Verdin Cranfield University

How does flow measurement error affect history matching in a wet gas reservoir? – Seyed Shariatipour Coventry University

MetroHyVe – The EMPIR Metrology for Hydrogen Vehicles Project – Norman Glen NEL

An Introduction to Prism Signal Processing – Manus Henry Oxford University

Prism Signal Processing for Diesel Engine Fuel Injection Monitoring – Felix Leach Oxford University

Prism Signal Processing for Dual Mode Coriolis Flow Metering – Michael Tombs Oxford University

Profiling the response of Coriolis Flow Metering Technology in extreme ambient temperature environments – Gordon Lindsay NEL

The Future of Flow Measurement: An Industry Perspective – Simon Bittleston Schlumberger

Oil and Gas Economic Outlook and The Metering Challenges for the Industry – Martin Bragg Honeywell

1Future Funding Opportunities – Gillian Jones Coventry University

Research and development of ultrasonic gasflow meters for the measurement of steam in process and custody transfer applications. – Dick Laan Krohne

A Differential Pressure Meter for Low Reynolds Numbers – Craig Marshall NEL

Development of Clamp-On Microwave Sensing for Oil-Water flow – Prafull Sharma Cranfield University

DP Meter Verification System – Multiple Field Results – Jennifer Rabone Swinton Technology


Pre-Event Information:

Conference Programme and  FMI Conference Booking

The conference is open to everyone with research interests in flow measurement from all disciplines and sectors. The themes for this year’s conference are:

  • Measurement & Meter Technologies
  • Enhanced Data Capture & Analysis
  • Flow Modelling & Fundamental Fluid Mechanics
  • Advanced Calibration Techniques/ Methodologies
  • Flow Loop Networks

The plenary speakers are Dr Simon Bittleston, VP Research at Schlumberger and Prof Andrew Hunt, Executive Director of the Flow Measurement and Fluid Mechanics Research Centre.

The full programme  is available: Download Conference Programme

The delegate rate is only £50, to make the event as affordable as possible and ensure a large number of attendees.

To register for the conference click here: FMI Conference Booking



Joint FMI-EURAMET TC-Flow Research Collaboration Workshop

Coventry University Faculty of Engineering, Environment & Computing, 10th January 2017

This workshop is designed for organisations who have an interest in the next generation of collaborative Flow Measurement Research & Development.

Participants will discuss key themes and projects for research, and prioritise these as targets for collaborative research proposals to a range of funding sources, including EMPIR.  Workshop delegates will be encouraged to signal their interest in directly participating in any resulting collaboration and through this we hope to facilitate the creation of consortia.

There is no charge for the workshop, but participants are asked to pre-register.  Details of the outline programme and registration are

The event flyer is available to download below.

FMI conference looks towards future challenges for research and industry

The second Flow Measurement Institute (FMI) Conference, held at Coventry University on the 19th and 20th of July, highlighted a number of key priorities for the research community and industry including the need for collaboration on technical R&D and skills development and the importance of flow measurement research for industry.

“The main messages from the two days drew from the FMI’s recently published ‘Research and Infrastructure Priorities’ report,” says Group Manager, Muir Porter, who gave a plenary paper at the conference on Flow Needs Analysis Findings. “This report has been compiled over the last two years with input from all UK sectors, industry, academia and governing and regulatory bodies. It highlights key issues that are relevant across all UK industrial sectors, from advancing flow measurement accuracy to supporting productivity and cost reduction strategies.”

Over 50 delegates took part in the conference. They were drawn from universities from across the UK and from research groups and industry. The key themes discussed included: Measurement and meter technologies, enhanced data capture and analysis, flow modelling and fundamental fluid mechanics and advanced calibration techniques and methodologies.

The conference included a range of presentations and discussions. It also included a poster session for research students.  All five of NEL’s EngD students took part and their input was very well received. Zak Latif of NEL won the ‘best poster’ prize.

Presentations from the event are available to download.

Priorities for Flow Measurement Research and Infrastructure 2016 – 2025

A document titled “Priorities for Flow Measurement Research and Infrastructure 2016 – 2025” has been produced following extensive industry consultation.  It was subsequently reviewed by the FMI Leadership Group.

This gives exciting focus and direction to potential future investment in flow measurement and metrology.

Read it on line here: Research and Infrastructure Priorities or download a pdf copy using the button below.

Please get in touch with Brian Millington at NEL if you have any comments or would like to discuss the areas it covers.

Two Year Window of Opportunity for the North Sea

Government and industry have a two year window of opportunity to ensure a strong future for the North Sea, a new report said.

The study said three in five oil and gas executives are positive about the basin’s future.

Titled, A Sea Change, the PwC report also said significant progress had been made to improve cost efficiency across the basin and noted a “real sense of urgency” to create one last “cycle of success”.

But it warned that a number of important issues still need to be tackled before the window shuts, otherwise the sector faces a slide into a rapid in premature decline.

It said leadership is lacking and a “change of guard at the top” is essential if the industry is to successfully disrupt its “we’ve always done it this way” mentality.

Click to see the PWC summary and download the full report.


2016 FMI Conference Programme

The second FMI Conference will be hosted by Coventry University on 19th and 20th July 2016 and can be booked on line now.

Book here –

The cost has been kept to an affordable level to encourage a large uptake of places.  It is £50 per delegate.

The conference is open to anyone with research interests in flow measurement across all disciplines and sectors, with themes that mirror the FMI R&D priorities:

  • Measurement & Meter Technologies
  • Enhanced Data Capture & Analysis
  • Flow Modelling & Fundamental Fluid Mechanics
  • Advanced Calibration Techniques/ Methodologies

The programme is shown below and can be seen here – FMI Conference Programme

Book here –

Time Activity Who Organisation
Day 1
10:00 Registration
10:30 Welcome Michael FitzPatrick

Executive Dean of Engineering, Environment & Computing

Coventry University
10:40 Plenary paper –Flow Needs Analysis Findings Muir Porter NEL
11:20 Numerical simulations of gas-liquid flows in pipe sections and a Venturi flowmeter P Verdin Cranfield University
11:40 An Experimental Investigation on the Gas/Liquid Flow Behaviours  in a Venturi Flowmeter K Salam Cranfield University
12:00 Flow Measurement for Carbon Capture and Storage – have we been addressing the right question? Alex Hunt Woodview Technology Ltd
12:20 Poster session including LUNCH
13:50 Two-phase flow metering of heavy oil with Coriolis Mass Flow Metering: formal trials at NEL M Henry Oxford University
14:10 Optimizing separator operations with advanced Coriolis measurement H Cassellas Emerson
14:30 Complex Bandpass Filtering for Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Signal Processing Ming Li Oxford University
14:50 Latest Research of Process Condition Effects on Coriolis Flowmeters T Wang Krohne
15:25 Process Nowcasting – beyond flowmetering Andy Hunt Coventry University
15:45 Two-phase flow measurement through particle filtering and electrical capacitance tomography Ross Drury Coventry University
16:05 Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Flow Meter Diagnostics K Gyamfi Coventry University
16:25 Clamp-on Microwave – A new tool for flow diagnostics P Sharma Cranfield University
16:45 END
 17.00 Conference Dinner – Networking Buffet
Day 2
09:20 Plenary paper – Just what are we calibrating? Ron Sangster FMI Skills Group
10:00 CFD Modelling and Validation of a V Cone meter W Dempster Strathcylde University
10:20 CFD Modelling of a V Cone Meter for Wet Gas Conditions W Dempster Strathcylde University
10:55 The benefits of combining chordal and reflective paths for ultrasonic gas flow meters T Sautier Emerson
11:15 Flexural Ultrasonic Transducers and Phased Array Prototypes for Flow Measurement Applications L Kang Warwick University
11:35 Experimental Study on Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow Velocity Measurement with a Combination of Ultrasound Doppler and Gamma Densitometer B Abbagoni Cranfield University
11:55 Posters Review and Awards TBA
12:15 Networking LUNCH
13:00 Dynamic variability of axisymmetric, non-buoyant jet in a rotating reference frame I Atthanayake Warwick University
13:20 Particle-Laden Rotating-Drum Flows and Positron Emission Particle Tracking P Thomas Warwick University
13:40 Flow measurement  using low frequency flexural transducers and basic, low cost electronic components I Smart Warwick University
14:00 Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent curved pipe flow T Wang Warwick University
14:20 Closing Remarks Andy Hunt Coventry University

Book here –

FMI Takes Part in NEL Open Day

FMI was well represented at a major networking and knowledge sharing open day that took place at NEL last week.

The event, which was part of the celebrations leading up to World Metrology Day, give a wide range of visitors a real insight into what NEL does, offering everyone the opportunity to visit its world-class flow measurement facilities and to find out about recent upgrades.

“It was great to see so many FMI members networking with other flow measurement professionals,” said Anne Farr from the FMI Secretariat. “Many commented on how useful it was to tour the state-of-the-art research facilities that exist in East Kilbride.”

FMI members who attended ranged from global multinationals such as GE, Emerson and SGS through to SMEs such as Tesca, the Science and Engineering Consultancy.

“I was particularly impressed by the tour of the facilities,” said Gordon Fish, Chairman of the Skills Group of the FMI. “It was also wonderful to see the enthusiasm and knowledge of staff on display and to talk to the new EngD students, whose course came about as a direct result of the FMI collaboration between NEL and Coventry University.”

Several organisations joined FMI on the day and were all keen to hear about progress with the FMI’s research priorities document. This is being developed to provide a cohesive approach to the future of flow measurement science and infrastructure.

All visitors were offered a tour of NEL’s facilities and the opportunity to participate in 1-to-1 flow measurement clinics. There were also mini training courses, demonstrations and exhibitions and the chance to network with a wide range of experts from business and academia.

There were a number of practical technology demonstrations, some of which were lead by FMI members.  These included displays of the WoW water-treatment technology and the Atout flow-visualisation process, both of which are being assessed by NEL.

See The UK’s Flow Measurement Facilities

NEL will be opening their doors on Wednesday 18 May, giving organisations the chance to visit their world-class flow measurement facilities, and find out more about recent upgrades. During the event visitors will also have the opportunity to chat with flow measurement experts and discuss the latest developments in flow measurement.

Register for the event here or email Marietta Hughes for further information.

The event forms part of the celebrations leading up to World Metrology Day, which takes place later that same week on 20 May. This is an annual celebration of the signature of the Metre Convention on 20 May 1875 and this year’s theme is “Measurements in a Dynamic World”.

FMI Conference

The second FMI Conference will be hosted by Coventry University on 19th and 20th July 2016.

The conference is open to anyone with research interests in flow measurement across all disciplines and sectors, with themes that mirror the FMI R&D priorities:

  • Measurement & Meter Technologies
  • Enhanced Data Capture & Analysis
  • Flow Modelling & Fundamental Fluid Mechanics
  • Advanced Calibration Techniques/ Methodologies

If you are interested in presenting a paper at the conference which reports new research outputs in these four themes please submit an abstract (identifying the preferred theme) by Friday 8th April.   Contact us for further information, to express an interest in attending or to submit an abstract.