About Us

The FMI was formed in late 2014 as a result of extensive consultation with over 70 organisations from industry, academia and government.  The principals who have worked on the project to date are committed to working collaboratively, with a non-partisan approach.

There are two founder member organisations, NEL and Coventry University, and over 550 individual members.

The FMI responds to the Wood Report’s recommendation for collaborative working to ensure economic growth.

The FMI will meet the current and future flow measurement needs of North Sea Oil and Gas companies, and propel them to the forefront of subsea exploration and exploitation for years to come.

Over 20 other organisations have committed staff and resources to the Flow Measurement Institute. They include operators, manufacturers, the regulator, academia, service companies and laboratories.

The members deliver the vision by working across 4 areas of interest: leadership, infrastructure, skills and research & development.

The FMI exists for the benefit of its members. In the current structure there is no cost to participate, the only requirement is a willingness to collaborate where a potential exists for mutual benefit.

The principal objectives for the FMI are:

    1. Developing a conduit to co-ordinate Flow Measurement Views and act as the Voice of the Industry
    1. Devising mechanisms to raise the level of Flow Measurement Skills in the Industry
    1. Ensuring an appropriate Flow Measurement Infrastructure to meet current and future needs
    1. Developing coordination in Flow Measurement Research, particularly focussing on emerging, as yet unanticipated needs
    1. Developing and sharing Flow Measurement Best Practice
    1. Considering sustainable models through which to deliver the above initiatives, which might be a tangible or virtual Centre of Excellence, a Flow Measurement Institute or some other mechanism.

Membership of the FMI is free, and there is no obligation to commit any resources.  If you have an involvement in flow measurement and would like to join, please sign-up using the form on the top right of each page, or using the contact us form.

Brian Millington

Brian Millington

Managing Director, NEL

"Flow measurement is fundamental to the economics of the oil & gas industry. It gives factual evidence on which decisions are made. Without a collaborative approach to future developments, we will lose revenue and competitive advantage."

Petar Stojic

Petar Stojic

Programmes Director, Coventry University

"Without appropriate skills development, infrastructure provision and research funding, the UK’s leading global position within flow measurement will be lost. We need strong leadership, and the FMI is the vehicle to deliver."