Conference Papers Available

Presentations from the 2016 FMI Conference, held at Coventry University on 19 and 20th July are available to download.

Paper Title Presenter Organisation
Flow Needs Analysis Findings M Porter NEL
Numerical simulations of gas-liquid flows in pipe sections and a Venturi flowmeter P Verdin Cranfield University
An Experimental Investigation on the Gas/Liquid Flow Behaviours  in a Venturi Flowmeter K Salam Cranfield University
Flow Measurement for Carbon Capture and Storage – have we been addressing the right question? Alex Hunt Woodview Technology Ltd
Two-phase flow metering of heavy oil with Coriolis Mass Flow Metering: formal trials at NEL M Henry Oxford University
Optimizing separator operations with advanced Coriolis measurement H Cassellas Emerson
Complex Bandpass Filtering for Coriolis Mass Flow Meter Signal Processing Ming Li Oxford University
Latest Research of Process Condition Effects on Coriolis Flowmeters T Wang Krohne
Process Nowcasting – beyond flowmetering Andy Hunt Coventry University
Two-phase flow measurement through particle filtering and electrical capacitance tomography Ross Drury Coventry University
Application of Machine Learning Techniques in Flow Meter Diagnostics K Gyamfi Coventry University
Clamp-on Microwave – A new tool for flow diagnostics P Sharma Cranfield University
Plenary paper – Just what are we calibrating? Ron Sangster FMI Skills Group
CFD Modelling and Validation of a V Cone meter W Dempster Strathclyde University
CFD Modelling of a V Cone Meter for Wet Gas Conditions W Dempster Strathclyde University
The benefits of combining chordal and reflective paths for ultrasonic gas flow meters T Sautier Emerson
Flexural Ultrasonic Transducers and Phased Array Prototypes for Flow Measurement Applications L Kang Warwick University
Experimental Study on Oil-Water Two-Phase Flow Velocity Measurement with a Combination of Ultrasound Doppler and Gamma Densitometer B Abbagoni Cranfield University
Dynamic variability of axisymmetric, non-buoyant jet in a rotating reference frame I Atthanayake Warwick University
Particle-Laden Rotating-Drum Flows and Positron Emission Particle Tracking P Thomas Warwick University
Flow measurement using low frequency flexural transducers and basic, low cost electronic components I Smart Warwick University
Direct numerical simulation of a turbulent curved pipe flow T Wang Warwick University